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District: Viana do Castelo | County: Ponte de Lima | Parish: Cabração

Cabração is a small village in the Minho region lying between Arga mountain and Formigoso mountain. According to legend, it was a place where numerous herds of goats grazed, which ultimately led to the name of the village - Cabras são, Senhor (Goats they are, Sir)! If is located about 14 kilometres from the municipal seat and all, or part, of the parish, belonged to the Vitorino de Donas Monastery. Mining for tin, since the beginning of the 20th century, and the discovery of very rare minerals, only found in this region, transformed Cabração into a mining village.

When walking through the narrow streets of the village the schist and granite used in the majority of the buildings stand out. Examples of this are the tourist accommodation units found in the village, which were created from the rustic houses restored for this purpose. The historical, landscape and environmental riches are an invitation to discover Cabração Village. Take a close look at the Santa Maria da Cabração parish church, a small church restored in 1761 that has an extremely rare interior altarpiece, which dates back to the second half of the 18th century.

Climb up to Lugar da Escusa, enjoy the beauty of the landscape and take a deep breath! Between Alto do Cavalinho and Lugar das Mãos, the area provides exceptional conditions for extreme sports (mountain biking and downhill), as well as for hiking. Don’t leave without first trying the typical gastronomic delights: sarrabulho rice, Minho style pork, cozido à portuguesa (Portuguese stew), roast lamb, smoked meats, lamprey, eel, cornbread, vinho verde and honey. The rag quilts, linen weaving, and typical handicrafts of Cabração are great souvenirs to take from this village in Portugal.



  • Parque de Merendas de Cabração
    Espaço verde e amplo com churrasqueira e muitas mesas e bancos.

  • Igreja Matriz de Cabração

  • Casa da Cabração
    Inserida numa aldeia histórica do concelho e tendo como envolvente uma paisagem de mont...

  • Casa do Torril

  • Casa dos Três Irmãos

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    Casa da Cabração
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Casa da Encruzilhada
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Parque de Merendas de Cabração
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Igreja Matriz de Cabração
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Casa do Torril
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Casa dos Três Irmãos
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Casa da Balouca
    Viana do Castelo | Ponte de Lima
    Casa Matos Lima
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