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Vale de Papas

District: Viseu | County: Cinfães | Parish: Ramires

Vale de Papas is a serene village located on Montemuro mountain. The granite houses, many of them still with thatched roofs, give a special grace to this preserved village in Ramires Parish, in Cinfães. As with other mountain villages, Vale de Papas lives off agriculture and shepherding, with its animals going to the pastures every day. Various community threshing floors and small granaries, as well as the thatched houses, mark the landscape of the village centre, while its green surroundings give the view and a walk that is strongly recommended.

Take the paths around the houses, on a long walk that will bring you into close contact with nature. The entire surroundings of the village are, in fact, suitable for long walks in good company. In the centre of the village nestled against the mountain, discover several other points of interest like the stone bowl, a large granite block, the old tulho, or Roman road, as well as the Vale de Papas Chapel.

The feast in honour of Senhora da Agonia is held on the third Sunday in July. The most typical activities in Vale de Papas are corn husking, making hats with straw plaits, threshing cereal and flailing rye. The cereal is used to make delicious bread that accompanies the famous local smoked meats: regional sausages and cured ham, marks of the local cuisine that you have to try!

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