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District: Porto | County: Paredes | Parish: Sobreira

Castromil is a golden village! Come and visit a spot that has been a place of pilgrimage for at least two thousand years: the Castromil gold mines. Situated on a small hill covered by bushes and trees, the mines preserve the marks of their very long history and of the exploration that took place there, at least since Roman times. To get there, venture along the hiking trails organised by the Municipal Council and visit the Castromil and Banjas gold mines Interpretation Centre.

Located in Sobreira, the village is bordered by the River Sousa, on the banks of which there is a picnic and leisure park where you’ll feel like staying and gazing at the countryside, punctuated by farmland and woods. It is also because of the mines that there is a different landscape today, deserving of a closer look over Covas de Castromil. The name refers to the extensive pits or holes that remained behind as a result of the gold mining techniques used by the Romans. Mills, granaries, barns and threshing floors are other constructions that you can see when strolling through the village.

As for the typical flavours, the Castromil cuisine excels itself at various times of the year, with the traditional delicacies, such as cornbread, gerimus (Christmas sweets made from the jerimum pumpkin) and dry soup (at Easter). About half a kilometre from the village, you’ll find the Napoleão restaurant, ideal for savouring the typical local flavours in these parts. Those who love popular festivals will appreciate the celebrations in honour of São Sebastião, which are always preceded by a way of the cross through the village, held in August.



  • Centro Interpretativo das Minas de Castromil

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  • Centro Interpretativo das Minas de Castromil
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    Parque de Merendas APDIS de Sobreira
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    Porto | Paredes
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