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District: Porto | County: Penafiel | Parish: Capela

Set in the Mau river valley, Cabroelo is a preserved rural village around which the green landscape of the Boneca mountain emerges. You must take a walk along this gentle slope and admire its green contours. Climb to the chapel of São Mateus that watches from above over the village in Capela Parish, Penafiel Municipality. You can choose different paths leading to the houses and which are worth the journey, on an excursion, or during the feast that celebrates the patron saint, in September. The religious celebration inherited from the past is announced by the raising of a high mast decorated with vegetables!

At the centre of the old group of houses, admire the traditional dwellings and pay special attention to Alves House, from 1805, an example of traditional architecture with its long façade facing the road. Cornbread is one of the typical foods of the area, so much so that it was given its own museum! The Broa (cornbread) Museum is in the lower part of the village on the banks of the Tranqueuira, a peaceful place, which is green and cool and worth lingering in. Here, besides learning about the different stages of making cornbread, you can admire the restored mills stretching along the stream.

After your trip, relax in the Capela Leisure Park and get your strength back so that you can carry on. There are other natural marvels awaiting, such as the flora and fauna in the marshes and natural meadows, where the Entre Águas stream, also known as the Mau (bad) River, springs up. The name comes from the tempestuous nature of this watercourse that bursts over the mountain during wet weather!



  • Museu da Broa - Casa da Cultura de Capela

  • Parque de Merendas da Associação Desportiva de Cabroelo
    Zona de merendas com bancos, inserida num vasto parque arborizado.

  • Moinhos de Capela
    Conjunto de pelo menos cinco moinhos de água em pedra.

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    Museu da Broa - Casa da Cultura de Capela
    Porto | Penafiel
    Moinhos de Capela
    Porto | Penafiel
    Parque de Merendas da Associação Desportiva de Cabroelo
    Porto | Penafiel
    Calvário de Capela
    Porto | Penafiel
    Capela de São Mateus
    Porto | Penafiel